Noise Control - Multiflow Attenuators - MFB / SIL Series

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Multiflow Attenuators Series


Silencer overall lenght includes a 300mm long plenum section which should be fitted to the fan flange when silencers/fans are coupled. This aids the airflow entering/exiting the fan unit and minimises flow disturbance and losses.
Alternative silencer lenghts are available to special order, together with Melinex lining to baffles. The illustrated insertion losses will vary under such cases - please consult Elta Fans.

The units are rigidly constructed and consist of a galvanised sheet metal casing containing a series of centre and side splitters. End flanges are of the Ductmate type to allow easy fixing to the Multiflow Series, of fans and ductwork.





Performance data is based on an adaptation of the standard Q-Tech Rectangular attenuator range. Refer to pages G-6/10 for further information.

Sound Data

Sound Data