Multiflow Series - TDE Series

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TDE Series


The Multiflow TDE 500 to 710 range consist of fully cased, cylindrical models with circular mounting flanges at both ends and a wired terminal box.
Mixed flow non-stall airflow properties and a non-overloading absorbed power curve allow a wide range of operating performance.
The Multiflow TDE mixed flow fans can typically provide 25% more performance than many conventional fixed blade fans or 25% less space for the same performance.

Multiflow, mixed flow performance can provide clear benefits over centrifugal and axial fans.

The guide vanes support the drive motor and provide enhanced airflow performance.
Galvanised steel housing with modern flange connections
Multiflow’s unique, adjustable blade angle mixed flow impeller.

Electricity supply - Single phase motors suitable for 220 or 240V and 3-phase motors suitable for 380 to415V.
Single phase variable speed controllable motors with high resistance rotors are available.
The use of stepped transformers or inverter speed control is also recommended.
Specification - Output to BS 5000 Part 10, performance to BS 4999 Part 101 and IEC 34-1, dimensions to BS 4999 Part 141 and IEC 72

Air flow tests to ISO 5801:1997 (incorporating BS 848 Part 1,1997)
Noise data tests to BS 848 Part 2,1985 (Inlet and Outlet sides)

Special Features
The required performance can be achieved from a smaller fan size due to the airstream leaving a Multiflow TDE impeller being more axially orientated. The casing can then be closer to the impeller periphery, without incurring losses and retaining excellent air performance, power and sound levels.
The smaller fan size can be used in confined spaces.
Also, the relatively wide air passage design of the impeller results in greater air movement.

Pressure Values
Achieved static pressure Is the more commonly used pressure for fans of this type which the accompanying performance curves show. Should the fan total pressure be required, use the formula: