Smoke Spill Roof Units - RSS Series

Roof Mounted - Smoke Spill Roof Units


The RSS Series of axial roof units are fitted with adjustable pitch impellers enabling a wide performance range to be obtained from any one unit.
They are designed for exhaust applications, handling clean or toxic fumes through to smoke spill.
Galvanised steel cowl.
Impeller blades are aluminium.
Shutters are fitted as a standard on these units; ensure that the flap hinge points down the slope.
Type - squirrel cage induction motor.
Electricity supply - 415V, three-phase, 50 Hz.
Bearings - ball.
Motors are selected to suit the application and motors with 2- speed windings can be provided. Motors complying with EN12101-3:2002 Standards can be fitted on request. Refer to AMS for full details.
Refer to Reference Information p.J-2/3 for details on motors.
Air flow testing: -
500-1000mm diameter - BS848:Part 1,1980
1250-1800mm diameter - ISO5801:1997
Noise testing, all sizes to BS848:Part 2, 1985

Suggested Specifications

The axial roof ventilators shall be the RSS Series designed and manufactured by AMS.
The axial impellers shall be adjustable pitch and manufactured in aluminium. Construction of the impellers will be to suit the elevated temperatures with blades pinned as necessary.
The cowl shall be vertical discharge design, made of steel, hotdip galvanised after manufacture and incorporate butterfly shutters.
Motors shall be selected to suit the elevated temperature needs of smoke-spill applications.
All fans shall be tested to meet the air flow, temperature and structural requirements of AS/NZS1668.1:1998 and AS/NZS4429:1999.



Technical Data





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