Centrifugal Anti corrosion Plypropylene Fan - Seat Series

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Centrifugal Direct Drive Fans - Seat


The SEAT is a range of anti-corrosive polypropylene direct-drive single inlet centrifugal fans suitable for many special applications where the extraction of a corrosive atmosphere is required such as industrial chemical fumes, petrochemical fumes, laboratories and gases up to 70 0 C (for gas containing chromium see special versions).
The SEAT casing and inlet connection flange are moulded from tough polypropylene plastic. Models 250 and 300 are also provided with a robust sheet metal mounting frame to support the motor and facilitate installation.
All models incorporate asynchronous induction motors with squirrel cage rotor in die cast aluminium and is manufactured in accordance with IEC 34-1 standard. The following standard specifications apply:
- Three phase 230V 50 Hz
- IP55 protection, with Class F insulation.
All models incorporate radial centrifugal impellers manufactured from tough polypropylene.
Special Versions
Depending upon requirements the fans can be supplied with single phase motors and casings manufactured from PVC, for the extraction of air/gas containing chromium.




Sound Data

Sound Data